Reality Bites

Whyred Spring/Summer 2011

I know it looks boring, but let's be honest: That's what I will buy, that's how I actually dress. Am I destroying an illusion now? I appreciate these clothes in an everyday context. The only thing I am asking myself: Do they have to appear on a runway?

Image credits Fashion Week by Berns


Schweigsame said...

Love that shade of blue!

And, no, buying such clothing just means you're a classic sort of guy...with a sometimes devilish edge.

Mike said...

Do you think Swedish Fashion has become mundane? Do you think it's become a recycle of the same ideas about modernity, simplicity and sophistication? There seems to be this constant tuggle between the notion of the runway of surprising us with great ideas, innovative ideas, spellbinding ideas. In the end, how we in turn wear clothes won't be head to toe runway look but I think about brands like Whyred, Acne etc... I think Acne in particular has gone very wayward. Instead of really honing on the design side of its fashion, it's for me become a business arm. Sure you can create very desirable pieces but to the extent of ruining the credibility of a collection? We want a Godard or Polanski standard grade right?

Lynn and Horst said...

i could've not said it better