Images Unknown, unknown & unknown

That's the awful thing about tumblr. You find brilliant artworks but the origin creator remains unknown. Absorbed in virtual space. Deleted by bookmark tools and one-click-image-posting. I want identity back.


*Coco said...

fast schon eine überzuckerung überfällt mich, bei diesem anblick <3

jasminRocío said...

why identity? isn't the pure artwork, the image or whatsoever enough to be inspired of? how important is name and identity when it comes to an inspiring picture or artwork? Does it really help in any way to track down the creator and suck out whatever else he/she produced, to twitter names out like the new thing and when it comes down to it, to hopefully be the one to have spotted "the ultimate" first?
Nice blog though!
Keep on doing what you're doing!

Ingrid said...

I disagree

Virtual space provides a wonderful possibility for any human being to enlighten herself and be part of amazing things.

i would never have seen even a tenth of the beauty i've seen thanks to the internet.

anyone can appreciate anything!

zhori said...

i agree. it should not only be about inspiring artistic anonyms/noones, but also about taking credit about each one's own abilities/talent/work. designers,photographers and the like are getting exploited without getting themselves mentioned. yes, a world without names, no subjectivity, nothing personal. my question: since when did internet turn into socialism?