A Short History Of The Plastic Raincoat
In Popular Culture

1. Kylie Minogue - Better The Devil You Know, 1990
2. Therese - Feelin' Me, 2007
3. Prada campaign, Fall/Winter 2002
4. Blade Runner, 1982

Thanks to gym television I've been confronted with the use of plastic raincoats in music videos. An interesting topic worth contemplating on. And of course several cross-references came to my mind. So my dear, what do you have to add to this discourse?


Anonymous said...

Not quite a plastic raincoat, but maybe the famous scene with Bateman and the Axe in American Psycho? Also, Abbey Lee Kershaw wore one in i-D Spring 2010.

Lynn and Horst said...

perfect! noted with appreciation

Rudy said...

Rita Hayworth wore a plastic raincoat in the 1953 film "Miss Sadie Thompson". Here's the video:


You might like this Horst: the YouTube channel this film belongs to is called "rainfashion" and seems to be a collection of videos featuring plastic coats, most of them transparent. I think it's some fetish...Fascinating!

Lynn and Horst said...

what? and i thought it was my discovery, haha. absolutely facinating!

Jack said...

Christina wore one recently: http://fashionrules.com/2010/06/christina-aguilera-all-covered-up/

Lynn and Horst said...

there's even one with britney: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuSmmQc4i8A

Lynn and Horst said...

oh, and I just remembered I once was IN a picture WITH a plastic raincoat: http://lynnandhorst.blogspot.com/2009/11/spotted.html

Coco said...

Very chic!

Jérôme said...

YSL F/W 2010:


there have also been further creations with rain coats or fragments of them. Very interesting is the reason Pilati implements this piece into a collection which is leant to 50/60s.

Therefore it could be possible to found more pictures of style icons like Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly and so on.