Veil Skirts

Top Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 1993
Bottom Givenchy, Richard Nicoll, Damir Doma, Rag & Bone, J.W. Anderson, Richard Chai Spring/Summer 2011

We've been confronted with an armada of veil skirts for the upcoming Spring/Summer season. Please note that I find them wonderful, pleasing and intriguing. But I somehow question their originality. Especially when I compare 1993 Comme des Garçons with 2011 Givenchy. I expected more.


schnuki said...

to be honest i don't really understand where this originality issue comes from. it's like claiming originality of fishnet stockings. who was the first to make them? who was the first to implement them into his collection? who was the first to wear them, thus, becoming a fetishist victim of that horror?
ditto to sheer pants. it's just a small part of the puzzle and hardly has any value itself, rather than supporting something bigger going on in any of these collections. isn't it more of a stylistic gear than a wearable piece anyone believes to get to the selling floor? i doubt it would.

Lynn and Horst said...

if you are riccardo tisci and the only thing you add to a collection that has been done 18 years ago is zippers, I say congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of zippers. I saw this collection in Stockholm a year ago:


Similar to what Tisci and Elbaz has been doing this season.