A Short History Of Twins In Popular Culture II

1. Comme des Garçons
2. Issey Miyake
3. Carla Bruni & Kate Moss
4. Pamela Anderson, her twin boobs & Vivienne Westwood
5. Twin Towers
6. Jose & Juan Areco, Brian & Travis Davenport by Thom Browne, Dean & Dan Caten
7. “Chanel Liquidated” by Zevs

There is a striking yet explosive resemblance between the Vivienne Westwood SS09 campaign image and the photographic documentation of the 9/11 incident. I'm not gonna compare Pamela's boobs with planes now... Anyway, what's your favourite twin?


the monobrow said...

Victor and Rolf...they are a single entity but Pamela's boobs are pretty hard to beat.

joe said...

Was the Twin Towers really necessary?

burcu d. said...

how could you forget the olsens and the tokio hotel twins?! ;)

my favorite twins are definitely ashton kutcher and his brother:


...Horst, I have no idea how I managed to miss your blog for now over three years. it's just ingenios and I love it. it's the online-version of the magazine I'm wating for...for years! so, thank you!


zhori said...


Lynn and Horst said...


Daniel said...

I adore Viv and Pam. What were Andy and Berny up to, meanwhile, again?

Coco said...

Chip and Dale…? Seriously, though, what about the Kenny sisters?
And then, there are the Brangelina babies, Knox Leon et Vivienne
Marcheline, who will certainly end up being a topic of conversation
sooner or later…