Suggestion #5

Sandals, Lanvin Spring/Summer 2011

If you pick anything snakeskin related from the Lanvin menswear collection as my christmas gift you won't have to keep the receipt. I'll take it! If it's not the briefcase, I am also happy about those lovely trekking sandals.


groundbird said...

Did you know, in most cases snakes are skinned off alive? And they feel pain. And they don't deserve to become a silly decoration for Lanvin sandals in any possible way. That's just cruel.

I'm not a PeTA activist or smth. I'm really into fashion. But my suggestion #1 would be just to stay away from this. Otherwise you pay for animal to be killed. Just to get a pretty (?!) look.

Yeah, and real fur is evil as well. Just spend a little time to watch any of those PeTA or Humane Society reports. Then, I bet, you wont suggest sandals like these, ever.

Lynn and Horst said...

good point, I am visually attracted to the structure but it should be fake in any case indeed!

Geschmacksträgerin said...

Even they were made by Lanvin in my oppinion these sandals are really ugly. Sorry! Put white socks in it and you are the typical german guy :)

Jake said...

not a fan of sandals of this kind :)