Glam Rock

Prada Fall/Winter 2011

Of course my forecast was totally wrong. But I had a good intuition for the colour palette and general atmosphere. No bootcut. But cropped. No corduroy. But suede. No paisley. But glitter. Résumé: I could do that.

Image credits Catwalking


Lily Libertine said...

miuccia certainly did not disappoint.

Jasper said...

kiinda disappointed. the past mens two collections haven't been very lux :( i still like it though. she's REALLY racing the line of high fashion and really bad clothes circa the 70s

AT LEAST these looks will be VERY second hand store accessible

Malte said...

quite arrogant, non?

Prada ist in meinen Augen wie jede Saison: Ein Mix aus tragbaren, aber langweiligen Teilen und untragbaren, aber Schönen.