Mutant Engineering II

Photos Viviane Sassen, Marcelo Capizzano

One day, aliens will save the human race from extinction. They will collect and exhibit our precious relicts of art and culture. And put us in cute little outdoor parks. Women will collect solar energy and men will filter the water.


rachel said...

'in the future, instead, when the governments will give us permission, we will have access to alien technologies in the fashion world: we will be able to explore new textiles and production techniques. fashion will be custom-made according to our individual DNA, thanks to a symbiotic technology.' - Gail Reid, Vogue Italia

Ingrid said...

Humans will become posthuman. We are already cyborgs.

Wet white trousers - seeing the pockets through the fabric. (!)

WHEN IS THE DEADLINE FOR THE DRAG RACE CONTEST? I know it's tomorrow, but is it until evening or in the morning you're supposed to submit?