Horst Decoration, Issue 1

1. New Berlin Sofa Acne, Door Wallpaper Maison Martin Margiela
2. Bottle Dryer as chandelier Marcel Duchamps, Venus with Drawers Salvador Dalí
3. Quaderna Table Zanotta, Pineapple Glass Lamp La Maison

Welcome to my surrealist home. Strictly dominated by trompe l'œil furniture. A fake wallpaper door. An optically deformed sofa. A Venus sculpture with drawers. Main materials include concrete, tiles and marble à la Jil Sander FW08.


anouk said...

ich sehe mich nach nicht endenwollenden decken, weiß, weiß, weiß und parkartigen flächen an parkett.
braucht der mensch nur raum um sich zu entfalten?

YHBHS said...

mind numbingly beautiful.....

pt 2?

Anonymous said...

in the second picture.. it seems to be a cathedral nave, which one is it exactly? it's similar to the one in amiens, but they all don't differ significantly.. anyways it's divine