Raf Sander

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2012

I'm feeling it. Like totally. I mean. 2012 is going to be a Raf Sander year. It is about the shape as predicted. The square thing around a boys neck. Coloured python and plastic raincoats. Bananas.


blica said...

suzy menkes ging ja mit raf diesmal recht streng ins gericht:(...)Mr. Simons has to separate his creative imagination for his own line with the Jil Sander heritage. And the minimalist simplicity of the brand’s original spirit was far away."

hier: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/20/fashion/in-the-money.html?ref=suzymenkes

Lynn and Horst said...

danke für den lesetipp, hatte gerade noch danach gesucht.

ich würde sagen "jein", nicht minimalistisch, ok. aber hat suzy mal auf die jil sander jil sander kollektionen der 90er geschaut? neon-gürtel, diese schädel-prints, das alles war auch nicht gerade minimalistisch.

i am convinced: eventually, it was raf who gave jil sander its so proclaimed minimalism!

Duck said...

Tim Blanks also gave this collection quite a negative review, but mainly because it spoke more to youth than the age range Tim seems to think Jil Sander should be directed at. I can see how perhaps this collection is a bit too much Raf and not enough Jil but I still love it. And I completely agree that it was Raf who gave Jil the minimalistic touch! Hab' die Schädelprints aber noch nicht gesehen!