Welcome To The Camp II

Neoprene T-shirt Josef Lazo
Pyjamas Second hand
Sneakers Raf Simons
Lurex socks H&M

It was early in the morning. Grey and windy. Piles of clothes surrounded by low-society and myself. Once touching a piece of pastel pink woolen velvet, a teethless man smiled at me and said: 'Take it, it's yours now.'

Stickers Cinamoroll, Pokémon, Takashi Murakami


blica said...

super outfit :-)

Daniel said...

you look like a fashion spread in POP magazine, very cute

Lynn and Horst said...

thank you! i feel ver cute too!

Ingrid said...

those are some nice looking sneakers!

Today, I move to Beijing. China will be a challenge. I'll make sure to bring your blog, so keep it up ok?

Lynn and Horst said...

wow, china, what will you be doing there! all the best xxx and thanks for packing me in your hand luggage!