Ex-Post Integration

Hooded shirt Raf Simons
Leopard top Givenchy
Trousers Laitinen
Shoes Doc Martens

We will do it again. Sleeve under rolled-up sleeve. Hoodie under shirt. My system did not allow it. The option was completely banned. Until now. And it feels better than before.


Anonymous said...

Saw your frustration about the lack of comments via Facebook. Sorry about that. I feel you pain.

But don't worry about that. Your blog is perfect.

The shoes are hot.

Dorian said...

die schuhe sind ein meisterwerk!

Bryan said...

Looking good, Horst!

Starling said...

Horst, advice needed! I have these LEX shoes, but how the fuck do you keep them clean? I was advised not to get them wet or use any kind of polish as the petrol finish will come off!? hmmmm.

Lynn and Horst said...

I would just use a soft cloth and some breath ;) i wouldnt go out in the rain, but mine got wet and it was fine.