A Short History Of Dilettantism In Popular Culture

1. Jonathan Meese All works, 1998-2011
2. Kelly Rowland Solo career, 2002-2011
3. The Real Housewives of New York City All episodes, 2008-2011
4. German Vogue All issues, 2003-2011
5. Michael Kors All collections, 1981-2011

Banality, dysfunction, rubbish. Low quality productions, loaded with calculated pretentiousness. The manqué product, as part of a continuous cycle called 'culture', will quickly be replaced and forgotten. A quick last view at the flux of failure.


Rene Schaller said...

Du bist ein harter Richter :-) Aber ja, du hast auch durchaus recht. Heidi Klum hätte im übrigen ebenfalls eigenständig in die Kategorie gehört, nicht nur als Vogue-Cover.

dario said...

isn't anybody going to stand up for stole?!