Girl Panic

Duran Duran - Girl Panic! 2011

Fashion with a capital F. Hardcore product placement. Schizophrenic supermodels. Jonas Åkerlund has combined the über-kitsch and mega-decadent. Pop. And everything is alright.

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schnuki said...

i thought it was a rather bizarre and unimpressive scenario to put such a tremendous collective beauty of girls in. i mean, one'd expect the whole crescendo of spike heels, bustier dresses and girls-kissing-touching-pouring-champagne in a hotel chamber to come out from Jamelia circa 2006 -- there's nothing new or ground-breaking there, nor does it make much justice to the very fact of Naomi lip-synching. that said, the whole notion of Pop doesn't make it arty-crafty rather than being just another standardized ode to consumerism and the brash vision of sexiness and girl power that is as inventive and challenging as photo spreads published in Arena magazine back in the days the title was alive.