The World's Sexiest Male Fashion Designers

1. Riccardo Tisci
2. Romain Kremer
3. Tim Hamilton
4. Tom Ford
5. Bruno Pieters
6. Nicolas Ghesquière
7. Helmut Lang
8. Stefano Pilati
9. Marc Jacobs
10. Bernhard Willhelm

In tradition of cockeyed, end-of-year Top 10 lists, I've compiled a subjective selection of the most adorable men in fashion. Referring to both, skills and looks. Any appreciation is appreciated.


Jasper said...

marc jacobs, tsici, and pilati are so sexy

Bryan said...

I wouldn't mind spooning with Riccardo, Tim or Stefano. If I was gay.

LYNN and HORST said...

I wouldn't mind spooning with you, if you were gay

Daniel said...

that's fabulous, absolutely fabulous. the year's best end-of-the-year best-of list. I want all of them! now! adorable! I can't get over it ...!!!

so bad its good said...


schnuki said...

all rise for Olivier Rousteing and Rick Owens. gods and monsters.

blica said...

mein nummer 1: stefano pilati;-)

ChaCha said...

Mmmmm Nicolas Ghesquière

Anonymous said...

This is not Bruno- very hot though

numerocuatro said...

Tisci couldn't possibly look any sexier.