1. Christina Ledang Spring/Summer 2012
2. Prada Spring/Summer 2007

An illogical summer wardrobe built on the hyper-fitted and air-impermeable. Latex and PVC will reveal our body while hermeneutically isolating it from the outer environment. Time to bring out my vacation anti-wardrobe.


Paul in NYC said...

The second photo in your anti-wardrobe collection shows EXACTLY what you should wear on your vacation. And at home, for that matter. And perhaps, even, in certain special (fortunate) social occasions. I salute you.

blica said...

ja, ja, ja (=dreimal ja) für das untere outfit - und zwar auch für frauen;-)

Amandine said...

ich liebe das erste Bild. PVC ist sowieso der Hammer!! Ich kann nicht genug davon haben/traumen!!