The Nude Portrait

category a.1) sitting, hands in lap

1. Matteo Montanari
2. Alasdair McLellan
3. Johnny Angel by Pat Milo, 1960s

category a.2) lying, body twisted

4. Karl Lagerfeld
5. Willy Vanderperre
6. Cody Chandler

category a.3) standing, side view

7. Alasdair McLellan
8. Sølve Sundsbø
9. Herb Ritts

category b) back view, arms flexing

10. Robert Mapplethorpe
11. Robert Mapplethorpe
12. Robert Mapplethorpe

category c.1) standing, left arm up

13. David by Michelangelo, 1501-1504
14. David Gandy by Mariano Vivanco
15. Tony Ward by Mariano Vivanco

category c.2) frontal, arms (almost) down

16. Alasdair McLellan
17. Bruce Weber
18. Iggy Pop by Gerard Malanga, 1971

When does a portrait define as a nude portrait? Category a) reveals nothing at all, category b) features a bare butt cheek, while categgory c) reveals primary sexual characteristics. Covered or full frontal, all images provoke the illusion of touch. One criterion for the nude portrait.


Jasper said...

damn! don't think i've seen category a. 3) #1 before! i say this because i have an extensive alasdair mclellan photography archive

Duck said...

And where is your reproduction?

LYNN and HORST said...

In Antwerp, during a 'real life' installation.

Paul in NYC said...

Don't we get at least a link to your nude portrait? We are all very anxious to appreciate any and ever aspect of your art.

Duck said...

Well, if you'd got there "on time"...