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"LYNNandHORST's posts are not simply examples of juxtaposition. It reminds me of Ezra Pound's concept of super-position or what Earl Miner described as Pound’s use of a 'super-pository method'. There is a discordia concors, a metaphor which is all the more pleasurable because of the gap which must be imaginatively leaped between the statement (of line one) and the vivid metaphor (of line two). Or in the case of LYNNandHORST image one and image two. The 'one-image poem' is a form of superposition, that is to say, it is one idea set on top of another. It's the interplay between the layers that elevates this blog."Rudy Katoch

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Duck said...

The jargon of critical theory is always very relaxing to read as you slowly drown in your own lack of understanding.