Ungaro Fall/Winter 2006

What happened at Ungaro in 2006? A foreshadowing of Raf Simons' all-leather Gestapo army for Jil Sander? Plus the Lanvin-specific neck scarf and an exquisit casting? I sense an Ann vibe, too.


Duck said...

I haven't seen these before. I like the sheer shirt and waistcoat combo. I can see all the references you mentioned, but also a little bit of Cavalli in the open necks and loucheness of it all. whatever happened to Ungaro :(

Jasper said...

wow impressive!

1972 said...

Think that was one of Jose Levy's collections for the brand (he only did about 3, and I think that was the first or second catwalk they did). Fairly Lanvin-y in the main, lots of tortured-but-wealthy-artist type stuff.