The Nude Portrait II

category d.1) standing/descending, blurred

1. Gerhard Richter
2. Thomas Ruff
3. Ryan McGinley

category d.2) arm lifted, blurred

4. Thomas Ruff
5. Pierre Debusschere

category d.3) over the shoulder, blurred

6. Paolo Roversi
7. Pierre Debusschere

Continuing the typological entry on The Nude Portrait, the element of visual deformation is added as a phsychological motif of the beholder's excitement, shame and/or irritation.


Syed said...

I really do like over the shoulder shots. It has that nice balance between protection and the fragility of nudity.

Z said...

Do allow me to recommend a work by a friend- http://anotherblogcuratedby.blogspot.com/2011/07/this-it-not-body-this-is-image-of-body.html
Very aligned to the series of images you've put up.