Nude With Balloon, 2012

or 'I am entitled to give my work any name'

Top Raf Simons
Underwear Yves Saint Laurent
Balloon Jeff Koons
Drink Coca Cola Zero

A nod to the infantility of Pop. Plastic, mesh and a can opposed to the human body. Sitting, still. Covered, uncovered. Naked and dressed. Consuming and declining. Admitting and denying.


ATHS said...

Just like Marc Jacobs at the Met Ball 2012

LYNN and HORST said...


Duck said...

I repeat myself: FNALLY. I'm still waiting for you interpret "nude" literally. The Raf is nice but the balloon is what makes these shots.

LYNN and HORST said...

I will follow up with a proper Raf installment, promised.

Paul in NYC said...

I can't wait for a nude nude. In the meantime I can only say, "Lucky balloon."

LYNN and HORST said...

An we cannot wait for Paul to show us who he is.

Duck said...