A Short History Of Lips In Popular Culture

1. Man Ray Le Baiser, 1930
2. Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 2004
3. Comme des Garçons Spring/Summer 2006
4. Man Ray A l’heure de l’observatoire – Les Amoureux, 1934
5. Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 2009

A surreal kiss between Man Ray and Rei Kawakubo that has never been. Paired and displaced, multiplied and supersized. For Man Ray, the 'nakedness of two faces' was a socially tolerated form of sexual portraiture and therefore being chosen. Rei Kawakubo says: ‘If you are to put color on the face, it need not to be on the lips. It can be anywhere’. While Man Ray tends towards sensuality, Rei Kawakubo prefers destroyed feminity as an anti-position and de-sexualisation. And lips don't lie.

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Karina De Jesus said...

The second image (Comme des Garcons) editorial is so fascinating to me. So simple, yet brilliant idea.