Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2013

Love the slits, hate the prints. Love the sneakers, hate the square-toed shoes. Love the collars, hate the shoulder buttoning. It's been a show of antagonisms, oppositions, protest. Applying feminine codes in the most dégagé manner.


Fréderic said...

And...Raf Sander, again.

LYNN and HORST said...

Totally, screams 'sequel'.

Jasper said...

eh. it was very raf simons i suppose, and it definitely wasn't raf for jil sander HOWEVER this is not the raf simons i fell in love with. the raf simons i fell in love with wow'd me and made me love, admire, yearn, inspired from his collections (2009-2010 = TO DIE FOR... AND his jil sander collections of course)

although i understand the raf simons i fell in love with isn't even REALLY raf simons. i think of raf simons by his earlier collection which he appears to be revisiting. sometimes he is just too gimicky for me. his use of creamsicle orange and like magenta are getting a bit tiredsome as well. STILL i am really excited for his dior collection!

LYNN and HORST said...

I was also wondering: why the candy colours over and over again. I assume market decisions. Asia comes to mind, as well as with the face prints.