Art Department:
2.222 Anniversary Edition

1. LAST collective finalhorstday.jpg, 2012

2. Chris Vidal Untitled, 2012

3. Ana Hernández-Cornet Pheasant, 2012

4. Hagen Verleger Lynn & Horst, 2012

5. HUSK Magazine Horst Congrats, 2012

6. Anne Feldkamp Horst bearbeitet, 2012

7. Laura Laine & Daniel Pallilo Congrats, 2012

8. Martin Niklas Wieser Lynn & Horst, 2012

9. Aleksi Niemela True Beauty Never Fades, 2012

10. Maison Martin Margiela Birthday Note, 2012

11. John-Michael Sullivan V, 2012

12. Bruno Pieters Mime Attachment, 2012

13. Amit Israeli & Maayan Goldman Horst, 2012

14. Jean-Luc Dupont Happy Birthday Lucky Lady, 2012

To celebrate the 2.222nd post I have invited artists, friends and intellectuals to join a virtual group exhibition and present a collective collage, an exquisite corpse on the theme of this blog.

Introduction: "Our dearest Horst, thank you for allowing us to see bits of the world that are very quietly shining in the dark and only need your delicate white light to point at them for a moment so others could notice them as well. Every time we curiously peek into LYNN and HORST (all 2.222 posts that weave it together), it feels like popping our head through a perfectly oversized Margiela sweatshirt. We come out on the other side of it smiling, thinking, with hair that is a bit messed up, feeling at ease with having something so beautiful resting on our shoulders. Something which is just as simple and inviting as it is wonderfully sophisticated." - Maayan Goldman

Positions range from collapsed cakes (Maison Martin Margiela, 10) to vanitas lillies (Aleksi Niemela, 9) to inflatable balloon puppies (Martin Niklas Wieser, 08). We are confronted with despotic definitions (John-Michael O'Sullivan, 11), pheasant feather genitals (Ana Hernández-Cornet, 3) and 'bag as hat' couture (Anne Feldkamp, 6).

A combination of icons and images that feel genuinely related to the mind sketches, thoughts and theories presented in 5 years of the very existence of LYNN and HORST. I feel honoured by the contributions and the holistic universe they evoke.

On ne peut désirer ce qu'on ne connaît pas.


Duck said...

Congratulations! (I need to buy a calendar)

Maayan said...

happy b-day (including all the deepest meaning these words can contain!)

feel proud to be part of this beauty celebration.

Fréderic said...

Congrats, man.
One of the best!


Julia said...

Congrats !