Concrete Living

1. Matador JaG's House & Yabu Pushelberg Privtae Residence New York
2. MYCC Mass Customization prototype & buildinglandscape Steps House
3. AZL Atelier Zhanglei Slit House & Arturo Montanelli Stone House
4. e2a Architects Lakeside House & Loft Taiwan

Four proposals for your domestication. Please not that the pairings of inside and outside, of architecture and interior, are merely fictional. Constructed for your enjoyment only.


olivier said...

lol here is what that loser hapsical says on his tumblr to an 'anonymous' admirer :

Anonymous: have you ever met raf himself? what about raf makes you so 'obsessed'? what's your job? do you like boys? what are some of your favorite artists? do you know i wish i was you? you're one of the most stylish people i have ever witnessed over the inernet / you cute.
this has got to be a wind up..

i’ve met Raf three or four times, he’s a very nice guy.

SOMEBODY i know very well from berlin told me hapsical was too scared to talk to Raf in person. hapsical is a coward and a shame to Raf really. he is just a tool and he knows so well.

LYNN and HORST said...

Oliver, I can tell you, all you said is true.

Duck said...

OMGosh you guys...