Omen, Interrupted II

Dior Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2012

Corseted bustier tops with hypersized balloon skirts, florals as subtle stripes, shades of pink and Yves Klein blue - if you turned back time and changed the location, you'd find yourself amidst Raf's final, almost sentimental collection for Jil Sander. Regardless of this parallelity effect, no one is expecting an abrupt change from a designer whose signature has nurtured desire for and sex appeal of high luxury brands.

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Jasper said...

this was gorgeous and very wearable.. but too wearable and not couture enough perhaps? it was very raf sanders rtw but with extra beading. IT WAS NICE but too safe? idk. the whole simple and basic with a strong focus on shape is getting a LITTTTTTtttttttle bit old for me. but still really nice and desirable though, just starting losing its TO DIE FOR quality, ya know? gah