La Récupération II

Sleeveless dress Rick Owens
Waistcoat Raf Simons
Clutch Josef Lazo
Sneakers New Balance
Sunglasses Persol

One of my recent Paris outfits. Restaged. A sleeveless men's dress paired with running sneakers. One may call it 'pervert priest parisienne'. Because you have to sin what you preach.


schnuki said...

how is the dress so short?

Anonymous said...


Mr. Jerry Seguin said...

you're so handsome, i <3 u.

LYNN and HORST said...

Back to you.

Duck said...

Your arms are getting pretty amazing, soon I may have to "pin" you to my "Men" wall. Figuratively.

I'm still trying to get on board with this sneaker/NB thing I'm seeing EVERYWHERE but I just can't get my head around it. Maybe it's because I hated PE in school so much, but all running shoes just look ugly to me. And not even good ugly.

LYNN and HORST said...

It's just a perfectly comfortable option for everyday and Paris show marathon. In addition, I love the busy, overworked layering of mesh, plastic and lacing.

Duck said...

Comfort... Pfffftt. I, in my gross stupidity, wore sandals for two days in a row - the first time I'd worn them this year. Blistered to Hell, but it was worth it.