Post Paris XVIII

A false encyclopaedic guide to the menswear collections, presenting:
Walter van Beirendonck Spring/Summer 2013

1. Pierre et Gilles St. Sebastian, 1987
2. Pablo Picasso Pierrot with a Mask, 1918
3. Isa Genzken Urlaub, 2004

This collection had everything unsightly you can imagine: gay kitsch, harlequin collars and loads of foam. All put together à la Genzken. There were bits of bondage, too. And mythologic references for which reason we do forgive.

P.S.: The woman sitting front row to the left was clearly trying to make the models trip.


Duck said...

Better get on those 100 comments then!

Hunt the St Sebastian is a favourite game in my family. Every time we go on a trip somewhere we have a competition as to who can see the most in churches/museums. He's not that popular in the UK...

LYNN and HORST said...

I might already be tired of the commentary experiment

Duck said...

Facebook has ruined my life, I'm always trying to find like buttons on people's sentences.

LYNN and HORST said...

Me too, especially on twitter.