German Psycho IV, 2012

or 'I Keep Holding On'

Plastic raincoat Jil Sander
Shirt Raf Simons
Jacket Topman
Tie Second Hand
Trousers H&M

Fistfull thinking. Grab, take and hold. Everything we desire becomes brutal reality. All that is needed are spit and endurance. Embracing the tender sides of life. Feeling happiness.


Duck said...

I have screengrabbed so many of these. Definitely fistful thinking.

Anonymous said...


Poodle said...

You're gorgeous


I would do anything for that plastic raincoat. I found a latex one by Raf from 2002 on ebay last night but I'm not convinced:



LYNN and HORST said...

It's a really good price for a nice item, I've seen it in real.

What's important to know before buing latex is that it needs special care - it can't be stored with other garments and should be treated with special powders as the surface dissolves and transforms into neoprene when worn on bare skin for example.


I agree about the price (in fact it has been reduced since I last commented) although the caring for it has put me off - my dad said the same thing about latex and I didn't want to believe him! It hardly sounds wearable! I am waiting to hear back from somebody about the Virginia Creeper latex t-shirt which I think I would get the opportunity to wear more often

LYNN and HORST said...

The beauty of latex is that it is 'temprarary' and does not last forever. It demonstrates that the wearer is willing to 'take care' of his clothes. Which is a very romantic idea in fact.