Per Refusal

Dior Spring/Summer 2013

What was I saying on twitter? - "Amazing veil setting. Sharp, severe and aggressive. Bye romanticism. Raf Sander for Dior. A striped homage to Helmut Lang." The beautiful defeat of a man and a name. The birth of another modernism.

Image credits Style.com


Pricciao said...

so you are undecided if you like it or not yet?
I'd like to hear more your comment on the collection itself, it seems to me Raf still struggles to find his own voice to echo the Dior spirit, not really a big slash on the brand rebuilding. but I do like most of the clean Bar jackets.

LYNN and HORST said...

I instantly liked it as you could feel and see the Raf Simons' gestures that have been built up throughout his work for the Jil Sander brand. Here, he sold his version of modernism and postmodernism as minimalism and proclaimed a turn towards romanticism and the elaborate idea of couture. With his statement stripe Helmut Lang jacket as the last 'exit' and look, the exact message seems yet confusing.