Garage Martin Margiela II

Maison Martin Margiela x H&M Fall 2012

And the collection has been revealed. Am I disappointed as a man? Maybe. Since I rarely ever wear brown, 90% of the pieces disqualify. Did I wish for white garments and trompe-l'œil pieces instead. Definitely.

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Duck said...

The brown/tan is annoying but I'm pleasantly surprised by the collection. The quality remains to be tested.

Anonymous said...

He looks absolutely Pathetic in the first photo. Only a cruel fool would wear an animals coat.

Duck said...

@Anonymous This is H&M, it's hardly going to be real fur.

Markese said...

I think I really want the boots.

Anonymous said...

as a gay male as Horst - i feel the glitter is nice..don't you agree?
it is nice to brighten up a day, and not be so leather gay..
lets be glitter gay for while