1. Erwin Blumenfeld Vogue, January 1950
2. Daniel Sannwald Pop Magazine, Spring/Summer 2012
3. Steven Meisel Vogue Italia, February 2012

Continuing Man Ray's photographic legacy and experiments with solarization and overexposure, Erwin Blumenfeld created some of the most iconic Vogue covers. In a tribute to Richard Hamilton's 1969 'Fashion Plate' series, Ashley Heath of POP adds make-up to a photographic collage and Steven Meisel stages a fetishized peek-a-boo mask for Vogue Italia. While each approach is so different, the results feel so associated. The collective accoutrement: lips and eyes.

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1972 said...

The older gang of photographers' nickname for Meisel was 'Xerox' . . .