The Nude Portrait IV

category f.1) interior as group portrait

1. Richard Hamilton Hotel du Rhone, 2005
2. The Sims Nude Clothing
3. The Sims Gay Couple

category f.2) standing, reflection in mirror
4. Richard Hamilton Descending Nude, 2006
5. The Sims Untitled (Sims 3)

category f.3) sitting, at desk

6. Richard Hamilton An Annunciation, 2006
7. Second Life Reasonable Desires Underwear

category f.4) leaving the shower

8. Richard Hamilton A Mirrorical Return, 1998
9. The Sims Nude Patch (Sims 3)

category f.5) male nude, posing

10. Richard Hamilton Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing?, 1956
11. Second Life Laguna Bay Nude Beach
12. Second Life Angelus Nude

The digital nude. The virtual nude. The rendered 3D nude. Resulting in a fictive hyper-realist portrait of the non-existent. Psyche portraits, phantom portraits, wet fantasy depictions.

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Jasper said...

how do i get my sims to have a penis??