Superficial Implant

Part II of 'Duplicate Diptych Week'

1. Balenciaga Spring/Summer 1997
2. Gucci Fall/Winter 1996

From 'amorphous forms' (cf. Hans Arp) to 'organic plates' at Balenciaga and Gucci by Tom Ford, strict geometry is broken into fluid shapes. Designed as a golden armour, hidden as second-skin, revealed by cutouts.

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SM said...

i like the idea of the solidity of this 'armour'- it directly sitting on the skin; the suggestion of it 'hiding' in that it's revealed through cut-outs- in contrast to sander's geometric lamé*. more explicitly emblematic of 'armour', but less durable.
says something of the authenticity of the wearer out to prove his, or her resilience. there's substance in subtle and sincere revelations of 'strength'; nothing to prove.
- but those guarded with an explicit armament, overlaid in perishable 'textile' show debility through their dress.

... lamé, or metallic plate?
* i'd just read this (http://lynnandhorst.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/prophetic-quality.html)