The Nude Portrait V

category b.1) back view, contrapposto

1. Jack Pierson Thursday Morning, Studio 7, 2013
2. Albert Edelfelt Male Nude 1, 1859

category b.2) sitting, in thoughts

3. Edouard Naudin Half-Nude Figure, 1840
4. Mustafa Sabbagh Untitled
5. Peter Churcher Untitled, 2012

category b.3) side view, dynamic

6. Herb Ritts 1997
7. Greg Vaughan Rodrigo, 2012
8. Danko Steiner 032c, Winter 2011/2012

category b.4) side view, relaxed

9. Mariano Vivanco Uomini, 2011
10. Mariano Vivanco Uomini, 2011
11. Mikel Marton Watercololored Past Lives, 2012

category b.5) lying down, back revealed

12. Matthias Vriens Feminine Touch, 2005
13. Bruce Weber Mi Tres Cabaña De Estudios Frente Al Mar, 2010
14. Jürgen Teller Paradis VII, 2009

The posterior view. Although the subject is completely naked, a reversed presentation creates an image that is rather physical (in terms of sculpture) than sexual (in terms of erotic photography). And yet, frontal depictions dominate fashion and art history. Reason enough for a celebration of the bubble butt.


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this aj by alasdair photo is really good too


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