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A 'False Encyclopaedia' double feature with Matthew Lindgren, discussing:
Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2014

Christopher Shannon took a trip through the fabric store for his spring menswear, picking up every bolt of fabric he could find: vinyl, denim, nylon, sheer. How Shannon used these fabrics seemed to be the idea of his collection: counterpoint. Sleeveless vinyl shirting, light floral silk sports shorts: unusual applications of fabric for traditional pieces. A strong sense of a range of athletics dominated the aesthetics, with some golf polos and double-waisted jogging shorts, but towards the end of the collection, Shannon's man went back to work in manipulated rubber shirts and shorts - a nod to the basketball courts he loves so much.

With a growing attention to textiles and an eclectic use of materials, Christopher Shannon is conducting an exercise in 'cross-dressing'. In this case, the term describes the (mis-)use of technological and feminine 'Stoffe' (synthetic fabrics) and therein ambiguous codes. Rubber and florals as pop cultural signs (for the fetish and domestic), projected as uniforms for a generation of 'Rausch' (excess) where codes of Hip Hop and transgender performance art submerge in acid, hair dye and vodka.

1. Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2014
2. Comme des Garçons Fall/Winter 2012
3. Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer 2009
4. Mark Rothko No. 14, 1960
5. Robert Rauschenberg Untitled (Hoarfrost), 1974
6. Tupac Shakur 1971 - 1996
7. Paris Is Burning 1990
8. Christopher Shannon Spring/Summer 2014

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