Post London VII

A 'False Encyclopaedia' double feature with Taj Ragland, discussing:
Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2014

Agi & Sam get idyllic about city life. Snatching pages from the books of Paul Smith and Walter Van Beirendonck, Agi & Sam have been pumping out wonky quirk for the last couple of seasons, but for this outing the duo got a little crucial. Agi & Sam always seem to be designing for little boys in businessman drag, so in keeping with that they presented potent tailoring in 80's neon, trainer hybrids and an array of digital prints. Rich and playful in its context and references, the collection mimics its potential buyers; rich and playful.

The German term 'Alltag' describes the unagitated, the normal, the casual and everyday. Which is exactly what Agi & Sam did: hazardly dressing their man for Spring/Summer 2014. Establishing a kind of random, out-of-bed formal wear. In general, the 'accidental' seems to be a strong theme for a new season. Calculated chaos as mindset for the 2010s? An embrace and surrender to failure? A return to humanity? It would make a nice categorisation, in fact, the Unhappy Readymade decade.

1. Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2014
2. Lou Reed The Velvet Underground, 1973
3. Andy Warhol Mao, 1972
4. Bus Interior
5. Marcel Duchamp Unhappy Readymade, 1920
6. Willy Vanderperre Class Act, 2010
7. Wolfgang Tillmans Sportflecken, 1996
8. Agi & Sam Spring/Summer 2014

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