Mrs. Carter's Non-Collaborateurs,
In Non-Chronological Order

1. Herb Ritts Andie MacDowell in Hawaii, 1984
2. Leonor Fini The Ends Of The Earth, 1949
3. Marylin Minter Splish Splash, 2005
4. Irving Penn Issey Miyake, 1991
5. Man Ray Le Violon d'Ingres, 1924
6. Herb Ritts El Mirage, 1990
7. René Magritte The Lovers, 1928
8. Guy Bourdin In Between, 2010
9. René Laloux Fantatsic Planet, 1973
10. Erwin Blumenfeld Vogue, 1950
11. Robert Mapplethorpe Lisa Lyon, 1980

For her self-entitled #VisualAlbum 'BEYONCÉ', Beyoncé has been seeking expressionist advice from French surrealism and its tradition in film and fashion photography.

Beyond well-established motifs of modern and contemporary art, the content also reflects something soft-political: feminist speech clashes with sexist slang ('Bow Down Bitches') and masochistic submission ('I Cooked This Meal For You Naked.'). A work on rough love, drunk love, jealousy. Not an artwork though - but a commercially valuable, visual-acustic product.

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great homage!
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