Voice Files II

Instant one-sentence-interviews recording the commentary of people that matter.

Christopher Shannon Fall/Winter 2014

"Shannon's boy is the confident extrovert lad who knows his stuff, and who all the girls wanted at school, that you want to be mislead by, have a secret shag and then spend your hangover with, with pizza and his stash of weed. And you hope that he'll leave his Judy Blame chain by accident."
/RICHARD KILROY, illustrator and founder Decoy Magazine

"I love Shannon, always did. Great to see Brits digging into this androgynous idea - and Shannon merges it so effortlessly with his signature tracksuit-clad chav masculinity."
/JULIAN ZIGERLI, fashion designer

"I love his stuffs. I mean I like his stuffs."
/YANN FAUCHER, photographer

"Scally boy orgy."
/ALEXANDER FURY, fashion editor The Independent

"His man is known as Ciggy Stardust. Chatting it away on Grindr and dancing to Spice Girls. He is not afraid of pop culture, 'cause it is the toxic smoke he inhales to get high (on a happy vibe) and create his own council estate counter-culture."

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