Fashion Charts XXIV

or 'Something like a Fall/Winter 2016 trend report'

1. Hand Job (as seen at Charles Jeffrey & Walter van Beirendonck)
Scribbled garment portraits. A children's mind, fantasy and nightmares projected onto daddy's clothes.

2. Plastic Surgery (as seen at Craig Green & Études)
Today's biotech-genetic Frankenstein craving eternal youth while fighting the war against antiageing.

3. Kurt Cocaine (After) (as seen at Walter van Beirendonck & Roberto Cavalli)
The later years. Misused inside, decadent and pretty on the outside. The dressed body, a sad poem of loneliness.

4. Kurt Cocaine (Before) (as seen at MSGM & Valentino)
The early years. Young and restless inside, broken and patched on the outside. The dressed body, a soft rebellion against fame.

5. Everyday Psycho (as seen at Christian Dada & Jil Sander)
Full-on leather business suit with a matte shine. Like a chocolate and latex coated McCarthy sculpture slash sex toy slash boy toy.

Trends do not exist anymore. But familarities.

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