A Trend Is Born: Realugly

or 'Meta-Modernism Killed Its Children'

"Worse than just clothes." - Unknown source
1. Koché Fall/Winter 2016
2. Anselm Reyle Mystic Silver (Exhibition View), 2012

"Worse than 'Contemporary Art Daily' sculpture." - Unknown source
3. Y/Project Fall/Winter 2016
4. Emily Rodia Untitled, 2009

"Worse than pseudo-ironic costume play." - Unknown source
5. Rochas Fall/Winter 2016
6. Cindy Sherman Untitled Film Stills #65, 1980

"Worse than its copyists." - Unknown source
7. Maison Margiela Fall/Winter 2016
8. Ed Atkins The Trick Brain, 2013

"Worse than a woman without legs." - Unknown source
9. Yang Li Fall/Winter 2016
10. John Baldessari Dark City, 2011

"I actually like this." - Unknown source
11. Dries van Noten Fall/Winter 2016
12. Gilbert & George Naked Eye, 1994

Paris, day, one. Ordinary people models. Unflattering, gender-denying garments. A careless whisper of 'I could not care less' styling. Fashion has arrived at point zero. Which is not a bad thing. 2016 sees a new view on fashion. After 'Normcore' is eaten and done, we arrive at 'Realugly'. Something future generations will remember. That look. Let's dress like in the late 2010s. For the children.

P.S.: What if Helmut Lang was still there?
P.P.S.: I combined each look with art for no reason.

Image credits Vogue.com

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