Firenze Rafiennale

1. Raf Simons Spring/Summer 2017
2. Robert Mapplethorpe Louise Bourgeois, 1982 (Helmut Lang Fall/Winter 1999-2000)
3. Robert Mapplethorpe Self-Portrait, 1975 (Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 1997)
4. Robert Mapplethorpe Heart And Dagger, 1982 (Helmut Lang Spring/Summer 1997)

The looks I liked. I don't think it was a walking gallery show, nor curated. It wasn't a nod to Mapplethorpe's personal style either. It was a collaboration. And a little bit of repetition.

Image credits Vogue.com

1 comment:

Logan Cinq said...

Raf just took the "pretty" in the work of Mapplethrope...

No fetish/lashes/coks/anus/albinos or anything crude.

Just flowers and safe portraits that will sell a lot. And the casting was not respecting the essence of Mapplethorpe. It didn't house sexuality, mixed races...

The whole thing is superficial.