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Death In And Of Painting

Artworks Katharina Ziemke

It is the sugar-glazed psycho terror of the 2000s. A feminine equivalent to Bisky, Borremans and Rauch, Ziemke is adding the hyper-hyper to magic and/or erotic realism. Artificially sweetened with jelly blood and military fetish.


Parallel Genesis

1. Jean Cocteau Le Livre Blanc, 1930
2. Roy Lichtenstein Laocoon, 1988  

When I saw the Lichtenstein exhibition in London, I felt a moment of 'enlightment'. When an expressive brush stroke and a fine pencil line meet in mythological thunder and lightning, two genius' minds make love.


Eau De Sanctification

1. Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott Gucci Envy
2. Frank Miller Gucci Guilty Pour Homme, 2010
3. Daniel Jackson Calvin Klein Dark Obsession, 2013
4. Unknown Gucci Envy for Men, 1998
5. Bruce Weber Calvin Klein Eternity, 1991

Besides established themes like romance, it is interesting to observe a dominance of religious motifs within the realms of perfume ads. Ingredients such as patchouli and incense position the olfactory creation as 'holy water', a spritz of sin.


Pervert Priest, 2012

or 'Miusing Myself'

Collar piece Miu Miu
Shirt Valentino
Jacket Dior Homme
Necklace Maison Martin Margiela x H&M

Once you define a theme and establish it as core of an unapologetic and atheistic world order, your beliefs are more than just denominations. They become manifestations of a self-centred religion.


Religiously Transgender

Etro Spring/Summer 2013

Etro explores the essence of its original existence and idea. This time contemplating on the men's galabia and turban. Contemporary and successfully as I may conclude, contrary to first reviewer's opinion.


Sherman Questions III

1. Cindy Sherman Untitled #225, 1990
2. Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2007

One example of incorporating fake body parts and creating a moment of exhibitionist shock. In this regard, Sherman does not only quote the iconic image of Virgin with Child, she also appears close to Jean Paul Gaultier and his skin flashing runway moments. Not rarely quoting symbols of religion and holiness. By offering her right breast and wearing the black lace of a sinful widow, Sherman is bearing the cross.

Image credits Cindy Sherman, Catwalking


Cross Dressing

1. Raquel Welch
2. Matthew Kristall
3. Sebastian Faena
4. Steven Meisel

I do appreciate the theoretical concept of a naughty nun or masturbating monk. This visual and linguistic pairing was, of course, just chosen in favour of creating an alliteration.


Post Paris XIII

A false encyclopaedic guide to the menswear collections, presenting:
Juun J. Fall/Winter 2012

1. Björk Homogenic 1997
2. Eiko Ishioka Faye Dunaway for Parco
3. Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2007

Following the visual path of the cryptic 'ikon', the geometric shape of the triangle reveals itself as a remarkable similarity. Collar, bow and cleavage depict a deep plunging V that recurs in a white shirt, layered underneath the referential print.



Dolce & Gabbana Spring/Summer 2010

This collection is quite amazing, isn't it? One may think whatsoever about Dolce & Gabbana, but there must be a serious reason that even Horst surrenders and admits his appreciation.

Image credits Catwalking


Like A Prayer

Photos Sebastian Faena

I like the severe look of a nun's habit. The black/white contrast, the architectural shape, the negation of the female body. And when you hide something you cause curiosity. Satisfied?


Church Of Jump

London has more to offer than sausages. It is the center of religious enlightenment. Maybe. Where people dress in colorful slogan tees and do the Jump dance. To express their feelings, their joy, and unbreakable love for the one who saved us all. Let's celebrate. When you believe, ridiculousness is non-existent. Maybe.